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SproutX Agtech Investor Evening: Melbourne 2018
SproutX Agtech Investor Evening

SproutX Agtech Investor Evening

Recently some of the team from Activ8me attended the SproutX Agtech Investor Evening in Melbourne. This event showcased some of the up and coming innovators in the agribusiness and Agtech space, focusing on everything from Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through to sustainable insect proteins (we tried them – they are delicious).

Melbourne-based SproutX is a joint initiative between the National Farmers Federation and Findex, and the start-up accelerator offers a free working space that caters to eligible start-ups in an effort to become a centre for Agtech in Australia with a focus on boosting the agriculture industry.

On the night, the SproutX Accelerator Teams included the following:

Fresh Supply Co:

Differentiating export product through QR code labelling and blockchain tracked provenance. Their tracking system means you know exactly what you’re getting, what sets it apart, and where it comes from when looking at fresh Australian produce.

Edible Bug Shop:

Asia Pacific’s top supplier of edible insects produced via automated processes. Edible Bug Shop was Australia’s first farmer of edible insects and is a world leader in Edible Insect farming techniques, developing edible insect products suitable for the Western diet and educating the general public about the benefits of insects as a source of food.

Zero Harm Farm:

Digital risk and safety platform helping to save lives on farms. With features such as the ability to manage employees, induct new hires at the tap of a finger, and report incidents on the go, Zero Harm Farm is a great app that targets the reduction of farm related deaths, lost work days, and farming-related injury claims.


Making the world’s 30 million tractors smarter through existing mobile devices. Platfarm is designed to make it easy and cost effective for growers to carry out work on their land with precision – helping to maximise yields whilst optimising the use of inputs from both a commercial and environmental sustainability perspective.


The world’s largest interactive biosecurity database. With Pestpoint, you can create or join networks to collaborate with other members, submit pest identification enquiries, and request specialist assistance from known specialists.


Automating the vineyard through sensors and smart data management. Combining management tools for water, vineyard climate, yield, vine balance, and spray application, the platform also offers a remote real-time view of what’s happening in the vineyard so that you can control it remotely.

Off The Table:

Curated food trails from known brands in the $10bn agritourism market. Off the table trails lets you access private gourmet food producers as you drive around Tasmania. Simply follow the map and stop in any order throughout the day. You’ll be treated with tasting plates upon arrival at each stop, and all the information about what’s being served is available from the app.


Digitising the paddock via a smart trough tracking individual livestock performance. AgMesh provide, design and build IoT sensors, IoT hardware and smart farming solutions for the Australian agricultural sector. AgMesh aims to maximise the potential of IoT technologies and deliver end-to-end solutions to improve productivity and animal welfare in the Australian livestock industry.

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