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Free data for Sky Muster customers starts Friday!

An early holiday gift from Activ8me

We’re giving all Activ8me Sky Muster customers 5GB of peak data FREE, each week in the lead up to Christmas and New Years!

Activ8me are giving you a total of 20GB extra to use, with 5GB added to your account each Friday for 4 weeks, starting this week (December 15th) until January 5th. It’s a small Christmas gift from us to you.

How do I receive this extra 5GB of data?
You will automatically receive a 5GB data block on your account each Friday. You don’t have to do anything to receive this data, Activ8me will automatically apply it to your account for you to enjoy!

When will I receive the extra data?
One 5GB data block will be applied to your account on Friday 15th December, Friday 22nd December, Friday 29th December and Friday 5th January.

Do I have to pay for the extra data?
No, this is Activ8me’s gift to you, completely free! You will not be charged for this extra data.

Will the data blocks expire each week?
Each data block’s expiry is dependent on your billing anniversary date.
For example, if your anniversary date is on the 28th of December, you will have 2 x 5GB data blocks for this month and the remaining 2 x 5GB are able to be used before the 28th of January (your next anniversary date).


We know that it can be tricky to manage your data around the holiday season, especially if you have a house full of people, so we’re hoping this extra 20GB of data helps.

Activ8me would like to wish you and your families a happy and safe holiday season, and we look forward to keeping you connected in 2018.

–  The Activ8me Team.

Jasmin Ashton

About Jasmin Ashton

Jasmin Ashton is the Marketing and Digital Communications coordinator at Activ8me. They grew up in regional Australia and still have nightmares about dial-up connection tones.