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Activ8me named #1 Sky Muster™ satellite internet provider for fourth time

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have released their quarterly NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report today, once again naming Activ8me the #1 provider of nbn Sky Muster™ satellite internet services in Australia.

For the fourth consecutive time, Activ8me have retained their title as Australia’s #1 Sky Muster satellite internet provider, cementing their role as a leader in connecting regional, rural and remote Australia to the NBN.

“Connecting Australians in remote areas to faster internet remains our key focus and strength, and our consistent position as number one provider for Sky Muster satellite internet services is a testament to that.”

-Activ8me Chairman Tony Bundrock

Throughout the last year, Activ8me have been a strong advocate for its customers to the nbn™, assisting with the nationwide push for the company to revise their Fair Use Policy, allowing for an increase in monthly data allowances for Sky Muster users.

This success became reality on October 2nd, with Activ8me launching new affordable satellite plans, increasing the peak data allowance by up to 80% on current plans and allowing for the launch of new larger plans, including 150GB peak data and 150GB off-peak data for $124.95.

The ACCC’s NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report provides a count of the number of NBN services in operation by access technology, and has been published every quarter since April 2016.

“We’re immensely satisfied of the work we’re doing with Sky Muster™. As Australia’s largest satellite internet provider, we will continue to work with nbn™ to ensure our customers’ needs are met and look forward to connecting even more Australians to the reliable, fast internet service they need.”

Activ8me are continuing to set their sights to the future as they work to connect homes all across Australia to the NBN Sky Muster service, with great plans offering their customers more data for less.

Activ8me are 100% Australian owned and operated, with a team of NBN experts ready to connect every home to the perfect plan and service for them.

Jasmin Ashton

About Jasmin Ashton

Jasmin Ashton is the Marketing and Digital Communications coordinator at Activ8me. They grew up in regional Australia and still have nightmares about dial-up connection tones.

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