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Activ8me Taking Jargon Out Of Connecting to the nbn


This week the nbn™ have passed a new milestone, announcing they can now connect over 500,000 rural and regional Australian premises to their fixed wireless network, close to their goal of 600,000 by 2020.

Currently, the network is actively serving only 175,000 customers, meaning there are over 300,000 capable of upgrading to an nbn™ that have not yet done so.

A recent survey by revealed that Australian’s are slow to take up the new technology due to a number of reasons, including lack of knowledge about what the network is, and many Australians struggling to comprehend the compulsory nature of the technology, with each active house given an 18 month window in which to sign up to a service or risk being without internet entirely as their old services are switched off.

Finder also cited that many are confused about how to switch over, and what the benefits of doing so are.

“It’s going along in terms of build okay but there needs to be more done to make consumers happy. Levels of confusion are definitely high and there’s been education going on but it has to be approached differently because it hasn’t been working so far.”

Activ8me, one of Australia’s largest nbn™ providers, have begun taking a more hands-on approach to educating end users, undertaking a series of training sessions in communities around Victoria and New South Wales.

“It’s a great opportunity to speak one-on-one and answer every question without all the jargon”

-GM of Marketing, Ian Roberts

Many areas being visited are also home to local Activ8me agents, part of a network of over 60 based all around Australia, giving Australians in regional and rural areas access to a local who can help them connect to the nbn™.

If you are in New South Wales, check out our list of upcoming events here, or
give our Australian based team a call on 13 22 88 to chat about what connection can best suit your home and family needs.


Jasmin Ashton

About Jasmin Ashton

Jasmin Ashton is the Marketing and Digital Communications coordinator at Activ8me. They grew up in regional Australia and still have nightmares about dial-up connection tones.

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