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Aussie Businesses Will Be IoT Connected by 2019

generation nbnAruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has claimed that Australia will be largely IoT-enabled by 2019.

According to a report by Logistics Magazine, in two years time about 77% of all organisations in the country will be connected to the Internet of Things one way or another. This finding is based on a global study called “The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow.”

It’s not at all surprising — businesses have been utilising this technology because of the benefit it brings. One industry in particular is Australian agriculture, where farmers use IoT to gather real-time data on fields.

Simply put, IoT makes it easier for farmers to monitor factors such as rainfall, pest control, and wildlife. These seemingly minor but important factors in farming have been made easier thanks to the Internet of Things.

In addition to the agriculture industry, healthcare, industrial and retail are also adopting IoT to aid their respective growth.

Research also identified key factors on why businesses are having a hard time adapting to these new technologies, with implementation cost leading with 51 per cent. Security concerns also factor, as well as integrating legacy technologies.

“With many executives unsure of how to apply IoT to their business, those who succeed in implementing a secure strategy are positioned to gain a competitive advantage.

At a global level, IoT adoption in the government sector, for example, is the slowest industry to implement IoT. I believe there will be significant benefit in doing so for Australian organisations in both the government and business industry.”

GM South Pacific Aruba Anthony Smith via Logistics Magazine

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