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Netflix Develop New Video Compression Technique


Australians love streaming their favourite shows on Netflix, but did you know streaming an hour of your favourite series can consume as much as 2GB of your data allowance?

This could soon change as Netflix try to ease bandwidth consumption in its streaming service.

As reported by, the online streaming giant is trying a new streaming technology that aims to deliver better video and audio quality while reducing the bandwidth needed for each session.

Netflix are using an artificial intelligence platform called “Dynamic Optimiser” to improve its video encoding technology. With the dynamic optimiser, the streaming technology plans to use bandwidth by prioritising the quality of broadcast, scene by scene.

In this setup, the highlights of episodes will still be visually stunning as the dynamic optimiser will aim to deliver consistent quality. When the opening credits and “blackout” screens come around, the optimiser will conserve your bandwidth by adjusting the level of compression rates dynamically.

The VP of product innovation Todd Yellin called it “more bang for our bytes”.

In the coming months, the company plans to test and introduce their leaner streaming technology as unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“Whatever the best picture we can give you with whatever your bit rate is, that’s what we’re going for, a HD picture for a lot less.”

VP of product innovation Todd Yellin via

Since the launch of Netflix in Australia in 2015, the platform’s popularity has surged as Australians have joined the world as binge watchers. In fact, Netflix usage is one of the leading bandwidth hungry applications in the country.  This year, streaming subscriptions are estimated to grow by 170 per cent.

With Netflix aiming to reduce its bandwidth consumption in streaming, Australians will be getting more mileage with their data allowance. As the National Broadband Network (nbn™) rollout is reaching more homes, expect more households to enjoy streaming within the next few months.

nbn™ internet such as the nbn fibre to the node plans offer speeds up to 100 Mbps that lets you enjoy your favourite shows in 1080p quality.

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