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Australia’s Largest Satellite Internet Provider Removing Barriers for Regional Businesses and Students


Regional and remote students and businesses are appreciating the benefits of high-speed internet their city counterparts have relied on as a necessity for years. Improved internet services for regional and remote Australians have been long-awaited, with 54,000 Australians connecting to the nbnTM Sky MusterTM Satellite Service since its launch last year.

Australia’s largest satellite internet provider, Activ8me, has witnessed the surge of demand for the nbnTM Sky MusterTM Satellite Service. Tony Bundrock, Activ8me CEO said:

“Mobile 3G and older satellite services can’t match Sky MusterTM in terms of the speed, which makes the service attractive for regional and rural Australian’s without fixed line broadband options. Sky MusterTM can reach speeds up to 25/5Mbps which is equivalent to metro broadband services.”

“Activ8me is committed to servicing the under-serviced areas of Australia and we are excited about the opportunities for regional and remote students and businesses to compete on a level-playing field.”

Glenn Leahy is the founder of Coast Pictures, a boutique video production company based on the mid-north coast. His small business is one of many that suffered from limited and poor internet services.

“I moved to Topi Topi five years ago, and had problems getting good internet coverage. I used the hot spot on my mobile phone and would run out of data within days,”

Maintaining a Sydney-client base, while editing at his office in Topi Topi requires large video files to be sent regularly to clients. Larger data allowances and faster speeds mean large files can now be sent within minutes, improving response time to client requests.

“Since joining with Activ8me, I now have 120GB of data each month with really fast speeds. It’s vastly improved the service that I can give clients. It’s made a massive difference to my life and business,”

As new and existing Activ8me customers switch to the new Sky Muster™ Satellite Service, Ian Roberts, Activ8me Marketing GM, has witnessed a continued decline of subscriptions to the preceding nbn™ Interim Satellite Service (ISS), scheduled to be switched off on 28 February 2017.

“They have been waiting for a system that gives them connectivity and the speed to actually do the things that they need to do in their life. It’s changing lives as they now get to experience and connect like everyone else,”

“We are here to assist the remaining Interim Satellite Service customers, in the thousands, transition to Sky Muster™ when ISS is switched off at the end of this month.”

-Ian Roberts.

Danielle Delaney, a student based in Bungwahl, New South Wales, experienced the frustrations and disadvantage of living remotely while completing a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Visual Culture online.

Online study for Danielle involves having multiple windows open when researching, joining virtual classrooms and watching TED talks and documentaries on artists.

“I used to tether off my mobile phone as a hot spot and it was just a nightmare. I felt really behind in class. I feel like I now have the same opportunities as other people in the city or even attending university on campus. I can enjoy my online classroom at any time and know that my internet connection is not going to drop out. Activ8me and Sky MusterTM have really changed my life,”

-Danielle Delaney.

Danielle now plans to continue her studies and complete a graduate diploma of education online.

There are 400,000 premises eligible for Sky MusterTM satellite. Signing up to a Sky MusterTM service can be done by calling Activ8me on 13 22 88.

Most installations are completed within 30 days of the order being submitted directly to nbnTM by Activ8me. More information on the nbnTM Sky MusterTM satellite service is available at

Jasmin Ashton

About Jasmin Ashton

Jasmin Ashton is the Marketing and Digital Communications coordinator at Activ8me. They grew up in regional Australia and still have nightmares about dial-up connection tones.