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Fast NBN Fibre Internet Now Available in East Bendigo, Strathdale and Kennington

People in East Bendigo, Strathdale and Kennington can now access a fixed line connection courtesy of the National Broadband Network (nbn™). As reported by the Bendigo Advertiser, more than 3700 homes and business can finally subscribe to nbn™’s faster internet.

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Construction to connect about 33,000 premises in the city has also commenced, which means more people will be able to switch to nbn™ service in the near future.

The nbn™ will be brought to the city via fixed line service and will work to connect the remaining premises, slated to be complete by July 2017 this year.

According to the nbn’s Michael Moor, another 680 premises in the Junortoun area will also receive a fixed wireless service, currently in the planning stage and due to be turned on by the end of the year.

Moore added that the nbn™ is also planning more rollouts across 10,500 premises located in Eaglehawk, Jackass Flat, Maiden Gully, Marong, Ascot, California Gully, Epsom and Huntly. The nbn™ service for these areas will go live some time next year.

Areas that already have access to the nbn™ services, in particular the surrounding areas of urban Bendigo, are Axedale, Longlea, Mandurang, Lockwood and Ravenswood

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The nbn™ clarified that residents or business owners who want to transfer to the nbn™, should first contact an authorised nbn™ Retail Service Providers (RSP) such as Activ8me.

Once they find out if they are eligible, customers can choose which nbn fibre plans, will fit their needs in terms of speed and bandwidth allowance. 

Fast nbn™ broadband Internet provides countless benefits for Australians. Activ8me can provide you with the right advice to connect you to the nbn™. To check availability, go to or speak to us on 13 22 88.