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NBN To Reach 50% Completion Milestone Mid 2017

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The National Broadband Network (nbn™) has announced it will be reaching its 50% completion milestone by June this year.

This is a groundbreaking milestone for the company and its infrastructure, aiming to connect all Australians by 2020.

By June, the nbn™ has a three year window to complete the rollout and deliver infrastructure and services. This includes large territories across Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart.

According to Bill Morrow, CEO of nbn™, the construction of the multi-billion dollar project has picked up pace and aims to connect over 5.4 million premises eligible for nbn™ internet services.

“This will be a significant turning point as we aim to finish the build by 2020 and become the first fully connected continent in the world,”

-Morrow quoted by

The nbn™ hopes to connect an additional 3.6 million premises in record time, surpassing their 3 million premises achieved in 2016.

The rollout will expand rapidly across major cities and involve work in public areas affecting roads, homes and businesses.

nbn™ construction will commence in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hobart, Fremantle and Moonee Valley. Morrow stated the work would be a momentary disruption, but worth it once all areas are on the nbn™.

“As the NBN network rolls out into cities we will be met with new problems to solve. We understand there will be some disruption for residents and business owners as the 14,000 people working across NBN and our delivery partners complete the task as soon as possible.”

-Bill Morrow

To bring access to Australia’s diverse geography, the nbn™ utilises a mixture of technologies across cities, regional and rural areas.

The nbn™’s halfway point  means over 5.4 million premises are connected or eligible for nbn™ services. nbn™ broadband Internet provides countless benefits for Australians.

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