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Tech Careers Set to Rise in the Next Five Years


Good news Australia — more jobs are to come as experts see tech careers set to rise within the next five years.

According to, online retail, IT security, sports administration and other tech-related jobs will see significant growth over the coming years, as the world becomes more engrossed with technology.

This may be the result of the huge influx of young Australians, which chooses tech-related jobs, as various industries demand more and more IT-centred services. Moreover, research identified 10 key industries that will demand more jobs that require technology-related skills.

Online shopping is slated to be a major source of work, as it grows in popularity. With a predicted annual employment growth of 7.5 percent, this industry will grow and grow.

The IT-security consulting industry is also predicted to grow by a rate of 6% per year, reaching over 22,000 employees by 2021-22. Work in the IT-security has become more in-demand as the threat of privacy issues also rise.

Another industry demanding more jobs is the cloud storage field. The National Broadband Network will increase the use of cloud storage and data storage services will also increase, at a rate of 5.9% per year.

“Surging demand for online data storage solutions is forecast to drive the number of enterprises entering this industry. This is positive news for cloud management consultants, data centre managers, storage design consultants and storage engineers.”

-Nathan Cloutman, senior industry analyst

Of course, the smartphone and app-development industry will also provide more jobs as we grow dependent on smartphones and apps to make our daily lives easier, or at the very least, more enjoyable.

Last year, the National Broadband Network (nbn™) published a report called “The Future of Work – Setting Kids up for Success” where it rationalised that the jobs of the future will be heavily influenced through a core of essential IT-related skills to be possessed by future career aspirants. The report stated  a fast internet connection in key Australian cities, and  availability of a much improved internet for rural and regional Australia via the satellite internet connection known as Sky Muster™, will help Australians up-skill themselves via online learning for the needed skills in being successful for the tech related careers of the future.

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