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IoT Hubs in Remote Australia Gaining Steam


The Internet of Things has become a reality and its gaining steam, especially in remote and rural areas of Australia.

In an article report by Startup Smart, SIGFOX, a major player in the IoT industry is launching a $5 million program to provide the network for 50 Australian councils, which will reignite any industry that might benefit from it.

In conjunction with SIGFOX, an Internet of Things-based startup named Thinxtra offered its services to install the network in regional Australian towns that have at least 10,000 residents. In addition Thinxtra also offered to give development kits to local IoT accelerators and incubators that will help them with building IoT solutions for the network.

According to Thinxtra VP of Ecosystem and Marketing Renald Gallis, “It’s the future of Internet of Things, for connecting millions of things there is a technology called LPWAN,”. He added, “in that segment, SIGFOX is the most mature technology in the market, they’re the global leader”.

We’ve tackled this before and we’ll reiterate this again: the benefit that the Internet of Things will bring to remote and rural Australia is vast, and the possibilities of its application are virtually endless.

Imagine a farmer who wants to improve his fields, but does not have time or the physical capability to do so. With the help of IoT, changing, tracking, or implementing things is as easy as a push of a button or tap of a screen. Want to monitor irrigation levels? Done. Check if livestocks are grazing? Done. Simply put, with IoT making its way to regional Australia, the agriculture industry, and all of its components, are receiving tremendous benefits.

With the National Broadband Network’s second satellite internet Sky Muster™ II up in the air – to join the the first nbn™ satellite, expect homes, small businesses and start-ups to join in via connectivity on the IoT initiative in regional Australia.

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