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nbn™ to Boost Innovation Through Grants Program

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Australia have long been known as an innovative country, and to further solidify that reputation the National Broadband Network (nbn™) have teamed up with the Australian Information Industry Association in launching a grant program for innovators across the country.

In an article report from PR Wire, the two organisations have joined to create a $150,000 grant program to inspire and encourage innovative groups across the country.

Aptly called the Grow with nbn™ Program 2017, it will give out three major grants worth $25,000 and six minor grants worth $10,000, with one minor grant recipient to receive an additional $15,000 through an nbn™ staff vote.

Specifically, the aim of the program is to promote and support various groups that uses the nbn™ to innovate, with the overall goal to help Australia to have one of the best internet connections in the world by providing high speed universal broadband access.

All grants will be used to recognise organisations or businesses that uses the nbn™ connectivity within relevant fields of business, community or education.

This program celebrates the innovation powerhouse that is Australia’s small to medium businesses and organisations […] The ‘Grow with nbn Program’ is aimed at further fostering innovation across the entire country. This is a game of skill, not chance, and the best entry in each category will receive a major grant while two runner-up entries in each category will receive a minor grant. I urge all eligible organisations to grab hold of this opportunity to submit a grant application to continue working towards making themselves market leaders in the digital marketplace.

-Chief Customer Officer John Simmon

With the new nbn satellite known as Sky Muster™, you can expect rural and regional Australians to use the much improved internet service to introduce innovation in boosting business in the bush.

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