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What is Fibre to the Node?

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The National Broadband Network (nbn™) is utilising a framework consisting of mixed technology to bring fast internet service across the diverse landscape of Australia. With the continuous rollout of the nbn™, you might have encountered the technology known as Fibre to the Node (FTTN) in the news, but what is it?

Fibre to the Node

Fibre to the Node, commonly abbreviated to FTTN, is a fixed line connection from the nbn™. It originates from a nearby FTTN cabinet in connecting premises and utilises the existing copper network found within the area to connect homes, businesses and estates into the nbn™.

A street cabinet with the logo of the nbn™ is the point of inter-connection where signals travel from fibre optic cables that connects to the existing copper network within an area, delivering internet speeds faster than the current ADSL technology. This exchange from fibre optic to copper makes it possible for high-speed internet with FTTN.

nbn™ FTTN Speeds

FTTN speeds operate on a minimum of 12Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. The fastest speed that the FTTN connection can bring goes up to speeds of 100Mpbs download and 40Mbps upload.

Getting Connected to FTTN

FTTN is available in areas where the nbn™ FTTN footprint is designated for future rollout, or areas that are now ready for service. Official nbn™ Retail Service Providers (RSPs) such as Activ8me offer FTTN internet services with nbn fibre to the node plans.

The nbn™ offers an online lookup tool that allows residents or businesses to see which type of internet service is available for their area by typing in the residential or business address. Alternatively, Activ8me also offers a free internet advice via phone. Just dial 13 22 88 and we will verify if nbn™ FTTN is available in your area.

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