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Regional and Rural E-Commerce Shopping on the Rise

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Holiday season is upon us and everyone is in a shopping mood.

Australians from remote and rural areas, who used to have difficulties with access to available stores, can now shop like their urban counterparts thanks to the rising popularity of e-commerce and online shops.

According to ABC Australia, such a number of regional and rural citizens are turning to online shopping that it has resulted in a significant boom in the e-commerce industry.

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour said in an ABC Interview, “Despite the fact that we’ve stemmed the losses in our letters business, it’s still losing money — we lost $138 million in delivering the mail this financial year.”

With online shopping trends rising, the once dominant high streets in towns are not the same bustling areas as before. In the WA Goldfields – a place known for its mining industry – has increasing online sales despite its declining population, and residents from regional and rural areas were found out to purchase three times more online when compared to people living in the city or suburbs.

According to statistics, popular items purchased online includes cosmetics and pharmacy items — up to 38 per cent. Media purchases, mainly books, were up 32 per cent; and speciality food and liquor items were up 19 per cent.

It’s not at all surprising that people from rural areas are turning to online shopping. If you’re someone surrounded by acres and acres of farm with no retailer in site, of course you’ll turn to the internet to purchase products.

Thanks to the National Broadband Network’s (nbn™) newest satellite internet, Sky Muster™, more and more people – especially from rural areas – have access to quality internet connection, which in turn, lets them shop online.

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