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Bill Morrow: NBN Rollout Picking Up Momentum

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National Broadband Network CEO Bill Morrow says that the rollout is picking up momentum. reported Mr. Morrow quoting  “If you had asked me two-and-a-half or three years ago what that was like, I would have said the majority of the people out there were saying ‘this is ridiculous, we’re spending so much money and it’s taking so long, it’s a political angst that I don’t understand and the politicians are just throwing barbs at each other,”

He concluded, “I think for the most part people are starting to say ‘all right NBN is picking up some momentum.”

Mr Morrow’s claim has some truth to it. With the second Sky Muster™ II satellite already launched, it gave access to many Australians living in urban and suburban areas, as well as those from remote and rural places — even providing a fast and reliable Internet connection to citizens living on the islands of Australia.

 “With basically one in four people able to order the NBN and 1.3 million people who have it, there is somebody in that circle around the barbeque who say they have it, and the majority of those people who say it’s fantastic.”

-Bill Morrow

Of course, despite the momentum being gained, the nbn™ still has its share of critics, but is bent on converting its naysayers into believers, and adopting new technologies to improve its service.

With Australia investing heavily in the improvement of its national broadband network and a new nbn satellite in place for bringing connectivity in rural and regional Australia, expect this momentum to continue up until 2020.

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