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Second NBN Satellite to Increase Footprint of SkyMuster

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Australia launched its second broadband satellite into orbit last month and many are expecting faster access to fast broadband services, especially for rural and remote areas.

According to Enterprise Innovation, the launch of the National Broadband Network’s Sky Muster™ II will benefit at least 400,000 Aussie homes and businesses as the rollout complete its course.

This service is already helping to improve healthcare outcomes by connecting remote patients to city specialists, delivering access to a new world of educational opportunities for kids in the bush and increasing productivity for local small businesses.

We are ensuring that no Australian is left behind by providing access to fast broadband for those who need it the most.”

nbn™ CEO Bill Morrow

The second satellite has undergone its post-launch manoeuvres that will further aid the Sky Muster™ II satellite provide what it was built for – a fast and reliable Internet connection.

The satellite’s builder, Space Systems Loral, said that its main thrusters, which will propel it towards its final geostationary orbit, were also done.

Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield and Minister for Regional Communications Fiona Nash, expressed their delight over the move and said that this will help tighten the gap between cities and in the country as a whole.

Australian Government Pushing For Stability More Than Ever

The Australian government has pushed relentlessly to give its citizens a fast and reliable connection that it was reported that it has invested $2 billion in two purpose-built broadband satellites, as well as a network of ground stations, which made up the Sky Muster™ service.

With two Sky Musters™ satellite internet already in space, they now work together to provide higher capacity and dependable service to citizens, especially to those living in hard to reach and remote areas.

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