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nbn™ and Regional Australia Institute Gives Future of Work Report for Australia in 2030


The National Broadband Network (nbn™) and Regional Australia Institute (RAI) published a work report about careers and the workforce in a future internet-connected society.

The report, known as “The Future of Work – Setting Kids up for Success” forecasts workforce changes and details that by 2030 most high-demand jobs will require digital interfaces.

According to the report, by 2030 most careerswill encompass three distinctive categories:

  • High-Tech Jobs – Professionals that are involved in IT from software developers, network engineers and startup technology entrepreneurs.
  • High Touch Jobs – Previously known as the blue collar professionals, the high touch jobs will be the tradespeople and creators of products.
  • High Care Jobs – High care jobs are where workers will be personally and emotionally engaged working in sectors such as education, healthcare and personal services.

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The report outlines the characteristics needed to be successful in the future. Hard skills such as specialist knowledge will need to be combined with soft or people skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. It will be essential that future workers know how to program and interface with technology.

Preparing Kids Today for their Future Careers

image courtesy of the nbn

image courtesy of the nbn


Australians born after 2008 will go to school and grow up in the nbn™ era. As a result, broadband connectivity will shape their early, formative and education years. Unlike the previous generation, the generation of nbn™ will have access to online content and educational materials for better learning immersion and faster skills development. For today’s students the internet will be a second-nature.

“Once the rollout of the nbn™ network is complete, our kids are going to face a radically different work environment from what we see today. Everyone’s talking about it. Our future workforce will demand that young people not only know how to program and interact with technology, but also know how to communicate, collaborate and think critically,” Jack Archer, CEO at the Regional Australia Institute said.

“The nbn rollout means children in remote locations get greater access to educational materials found online.  Activ8me are helping Australian children right across Remote Australia get better access to online resources via nbn Sky Muster” said Ian Roberts, GM Marketing, Activ8me.

Reducing the Digital Divide of Australia


The availability of internet across major Australian cities and the lack of it in rural and regional Australia has fostered the great digital divide, where rural and regional Australians have fallen behind in adoption and technical skills that come with the internet age.

The disparity of technical skills across IT glaring: most Australian IT professionals are all dotted across the major cities in Australia while regional and rural Australians needed to move to the big cities to attain their skills and industry certification.

According to the nbn™, the most rewarding careers will be found on digital and internet access, making it the key to unlocking skills that will be vital for the next five years:

“In the next five years alone, fast home internet via the nbn™ network will be a necessity with one in two Australians need skills such as programming, software development and skills to build digital technology. The majority (90 per cent) of the workforce will need a basic level of digital literacy.”

“Access to fast internet via the nbn™ network will be instrumental in enabling students to learn a mix of hard and soft skills to ensure Aussie kids are equally digitally literate, and able to communicate with others and prepare for the future digital workforce”

Internet services such as the nbn™ Sky Muster satellite and the nbn™ Fixed Wireless, distant towns and areas will be given quality internet access and to embrace all the advantage that come with it. Internet connectivity will bridge the digital divide that had divided cities and regions out in Australia.

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