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AgDrones Worth Billions in the Near Future

AgDrones Australia

The future of agriculture is transpiring right before our eyes: the Agricultural Drone Market is poised to be worth billions by the time 2022 hit our calendars.

According to Directions Magazine, with the use of cameras and flying contraptions on fields that helps in precision farming, the drone market is expected to reach a worth of $3.69 billion.

Smart farming is witnessing an upward trend in recent years as it helps farmers with crop visualization, leading to overall better control of process and isolating areas for spraying using drones.

Australia has been pushing for more IoT-enabled farms to help farmers increase their yield, which not only benefits their livelihood but also helps establish Australia as a major food source in the world.

However, this particular trend in smart agriculture is not confined to Australia, as Futurism reported it’s on the rise in other countries such as the United States.

It’s so big in the U.S. that their agriculture industry is already the leading consumer when it comes to commercial drone usage, with expected revenue of $325 million in 20205.

The benefits of drone usage are apparent. It’s being used to check fields for dryness and disease, spray fertilizer or pesticides and even watch over livestock, among many other purposes.

All these innovations are made possible by a steady and high-speed Internet connection, especially for remote and rural areas.

Recently Australia witnessed the launch of its second nbn satellite which provides citizens, especially farmers, the necessary connection to implement smart farming techniques and tecnology.

As Australia moves forwards, it’s agricultural industry, already a part of its national identity, moves with it.

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