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AgWorld Apps Help Farmers Embrace Technology

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The age of e-farming has arrived and farmers, as well as agronomists, will now have an easier time entering data thanks to a new app developed by Agworld.

According to Weekly Times Now, the app lets farmers and harvest employees record essential data in the field with ease through the use of their smartphones and tablets.

Simon Foley, Agworld’s general manager, said this application will utilise platforms to capture data quickly and create current records of different types of data; harvest areas, crop yields, paddock or production constraints, costs of harvest operations, and other relevant variables.

“They can also access, on-the-go, a range of handy tools via their mobile devices, including a library of product labels, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and technical documents. All of this data helps to produce a better picture of the farming business’ performance and is instantly reportable.”

-Simon Foley, GM of Agworld

He noted that the collected information from the farmer’s harvest will be easily viewable all throughout the farming season, which, when combined with agronomic and production information that came from both the farmer and the agronomist will create a complete record of the farm for a specific year, and also monitor the yield trend for the coming years.

The new Agworld highlighted harvest functionality in its set of apps, and provides insight to the whole farm management. Mobile technology and smart farming continues to evolve, although rural and regional Australia often encounters setbacks with their internet access, which thanks to the nbn™’s newest satellite internet, is now being addressed.

In conclusion, it won’t be long until every farm in the country will have access to these new technologies because of the National Broadband Network rollout, which will tremendously benefit Australia’s bludgeoning agriculture industry.

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