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Australian Digital Health Agency: Steering Australia’s Health Sector into 21st Century Platform

Australian Digital Health Agency

The Australian federal government recently announced the creation of the Australian Digital Health Agency.

According to ZDNET, the health agency is an advisory board that will be comprised of doctors, specialists, and digital experts; in addition to customer service executives dedicated to making sure that the country’s health system is up to date – technologically speaking.

During the Health Informatics Conference 2016, Sussan Ley, Minister of Health, said that the agency will immediately set a national agenda for the technical and data standards, as well as set clear principles for interoperability and open source development within the health system.

“I want the central role of the agency to foster digital health innovation and importantly, when we see new innovative technologies emerge with a strong benefit to clinicians and patients, the agency will be able to invest to deliver national outcomes. Today we are embracing mobile technology, apps, and trackers. Tomorrow it could be artificial intelligence, individual precision medicines, tailored and personalised technologies as well as implantables.”

The report said that the Australian Digital Health Agency will handle the My Health Record, which is the country’s e-health record system.

People, especially those living in rural and remote areas, have issues accessing decent health care as hospitals and doctors sometimes have problems accessing their records.

The e-health record system was implemented by the government to hasten processes, as well as to address these systems.

The Minister of Health added that investing in the e-health system would save citizens’ taxes, which can go up to $2.5 billion a year. She also added that the agency aims to implement the automatic assigning of e-health accounts to patients.

Ley expressed that she expects that within the span of “next week or so,” she hopes that four million Australians will already have a My Health Record.

Implementing a national-scale e-health system must also be available for residents living in rural and regional areas.  The nbn™’s satellite internet system through Sky Muster™, offers faster and a much more reliable service compared to the previous interim satellite service and this key component makes it possible for residents to have access to online telemetry, e-health services and telehealth services under the Australian digital health agency.

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