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Digital Adaptation Helps Shape the Farms of Tomorrow

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According to CMO, the future of the country’s agriculture is here and it’s going to take farming to a new level through innovation.

The report outlines a three-part approach to digital transformation of farming, including a new online portal, big data services project and technology accelerator that helps innovate and unify Australia’s agriculture community.

The movement was headed by the National Farmer’s Federation or NFF, a non-profit advocacy organisation that represents the country’s farmers and was established back in 1979.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull launched the NFF’s digital transformation, and it is expected that the value of Australia’s agriculture industry will double to $100 billion a year by the time 2030 hits our calendars.

In addition, the NFF is currently undergoing a structural change as it will change its approach from one-way advocacy to two-way engagement with the farmers.

“There is a realisation that sitting around waiting for people to write you a cheque for policy and advocacy isn’t a great business model.”

 -NFF General Manager Charlie Thomas

The federation is also uniting with more than 30 member organisations across different states and sectors, in addition to government-funded research and development groups. The main purpose of the structure change is to consolidate the entire organisation that will serve the farmers of Australia.

“One thing we thought would be helpful would be to start the process with a digital unification. Rather than trying to disband the corporate structures, we’d first bring together a consolidated, online presence for these organisations.”

 -NFF General Manager Charlie Thomas

The NFF’s plan for digital transformation will be a massive move, but can be made possible now that the nbn satellite is being rolled out, giving members of the federation access to reliable and fast connection that will help them connect to digital resources, industry data and access of information to help farmland decision making.

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