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NBN Highlights Tech Aided Life Goals in Digital Dreams Report

nbn digital dreams

All people have goals, and the nbn™ wants to help you achieve them.

According to Delimiter, nbn™ co has released a report, which details the usual goals that Australian citizens wants to achieve, ranging from extra income to personal relationships and how technology can help them.

The Digital Dream Report, revealed that the majority of the citizens, an astounding 93 percent, said they have at least one unfulfilled goal in life.

The report also highlighted the different life goals among different age groups:

  • The Baby Boomer Generation (42 percent) mentioned their priority was weight loss.
  • Generation X (46 percent) said their goal was to become debt free.
  • Generation Y or “Millenials,” said they’re most concerned with home ownership, with 52 percent echoing the sentiment.

About 33 percent of Australians believe that technology and connectivity can help them fulfill their goals.

“Technology and access to fast broadband is redefining the way we go about achieving the ‘Great Aussie Dream’. No matter what age we are, increased connectivity means we are able to harness the latest online tools to turn our lifestyle hopes and aspirations into reality. Whether it’s starting an online business, or connecting with family online … we no longer have excuses to compromise any of the key ingredients in achieving our ideal lifestyle,”

-Life Coach and wellness entrepreneur Lyndall Mitchell

The most glaring goal that remains unfulfilled among Australians is finding the perfect work-life balance and financial freedom.

The survey showed many Australians said they miss important life events like witnessing a loved one get married (13 percent) or talking to and raising their family (14 percent). Fortunately, the report also showed access to technology like a fast broadband connection, as well as flexible jobs, can help people find a balance and let them spend more time with their family.

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