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NBN Telecommunications Campaign Highlights Future of Virtual Presence

nbn silent reunions

The future of virtual presence telecommunications is shown with the nbn™’s newly launched ad campaign that features two hearing-impaired friends.

Created from a partnership with BMW Dentsu, the heart-warming and emotional ad features the two deaf friends having a tearful reunion after years apart. The ad, which features no dialogue, shows the two friends retelling old stories and enjoying each other’s company that set’s up the big reveal.

In the ad, the camera pulled away from the two friends speaking and revealed that they are speaking sign language via video call thanks to the nbn™’s high-speed broadband connection.

According to the report by Mumbrella, the ad was directed by Finch national Nic Finlayson and was the brainchild of BMW Dentsu and nbn™’s collaboration with Deaf Services Queensland. The partnership aims to make sure that the deaf women’s friendship was represented to be as accurate as possible.

As for Steve Hannan, national manager, media and advertising for the NBN said, “The nbn™ network is for all Australians. Part of our commitment to delivering this campaign was to ensure we showcase how the network is impacting many of our underrepresented communities.”

He added that the collaboration with the Deaf Services Queensland let them learn the connection between the two women, which was made possible by the nbn™ broadband. He also described that the video ad campaign that they did was “immensely rewarding.”

BMW Dentsu Executive Creative Director Asheen Naidu added, “The campaign dramatises the quality of video calling by demonstrating its use between two friends reconnecting via video call.

“The narrative is a great articulation of the flexibility that technology brings, and has allowed us to show another side of what being connected to the NBN network looks like.”

Kent Heffernan, nbn™’s executive general manager, echoed the same sentiments and added that what makes it effective is that the video relates on a human level.

As it seems, the video’s aim was to show that reconnecting with old friends is now made possible with the nbn™ rollout happening all around Australia.

Call a loved one today and it’s all made possible by the nbn™.

With the expansion of the nbn™ across Australia that spans not only within the established cities but also across the growing rural and regional areas, the next generation of communication platforms like the one featured in the nbn™ campaign will soon be a reality. Technologies such as the nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite internet and nbn™ fixed wireless aim to deliver fast and consistent internet that will make it possible for rural and regional residents to enable high definition video presence for their homes.

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