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Activ8me in The Saddle with NSW Farmers in 2016-17

activ8me nsw farmers

Activ8me is pleased to announce the renewal of the New South Wales Farmers strategic alliance for 2016 – 2017.

The strategic alliance provides the NSW Farmers access to the best nbn™ Internet deals from Activ8me including nbn™ Fixed Wireless and nbn™ Sky Muster™ Satellite services.

With nbn™ Sky Muster ™ services now being installed, it is a great opportunity for members of NSW Farmers to access better broadband services and connectivity solutions. It is hoped that these services will open up new possibilities and benefits for NSW Farmers from wireless and GPS controlled farm devices.

“Activ8me is testing wireless controlled devices with a small group of farmers. We aim to help NSW Farmer members save time and money with fast nbn connections, the latest smartphone applications and farm Wi-Fi solutions and ultimately improve farm yields,”

-Ian Roberts, Activ8me General Manager of Marketing.

Activ8me is interested in helping farmers across NSW and other parts of Australia in improving farmer crop yields and agricultural productivity. The company will participate with NSW Farmers on major field days across the state.  Come and see us to find out about the latest connectivity solutions for farms:

• Mudgee Small Farm Field Days – 15-16 July
• AgQuip Gunnedah – 16-18 August
• Henty Field Days – 20-22 September
• Australian National Field Days Borenore – 20-22 October

activ8me nsw farmers

About Activ8me

Activ8me is the largest nbn™ Satellite Internet Retail Service Provider (RSP) in Australia and an acknowledged expert in rural and remote communications. Activ8me is an official nbn ™ RSP, which is the first to connect 1,000 customers to the Sky Muster™. Last month, the company hit a milestone of reaching 2,000 customers, completing the installations in just 3 weeks. Activ8me offers Fixed Wireless broadband and Sky Muster™ satellite services providing farm businesses access to ultra fast Internet connection with the quality and affordability previously enjoyed only by their urban counterparts.

nbn Sky Muster Plans are now available through Activ8me. Special discounts for NSW Farmer members is available.

The nbn™ Sky Muster™ brings better satellite Internet connectivity to regional Australia. To get onboard the Sky Muster™, call Activ8me today 13 22 88 or visit: