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Activ8me connecting Lord Howe Island to the nbn™ Sky Muster™ Satellite service

Activ8me Sky MusterTM Router arrives at Lord Howe Island

On Thursday 26th May, the first nbnTM Sky MusterTM Satellite service on Lord Howe Island was switched on.

This new broadband service was installed at the Island airport streamlining booking and travel services for the island more seamless.

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Activ8me Sky Muster Router arrives at Lord Howe Island

Activ8me has had a long association with Lord Howe Island dating back to 2009-10.

At that time, people on mainland Australia started using the Australian Broadband Guarantee to connect to satellite broadband.  Unfortunately, the island was outside the satellite service area.  So Activ8me engaged a NZ based operator to provide satellite Internet services for Lord Howe.

Now Activ8me are connecting the island to the new nbn TM Sky Muster TM.

“Lord Howe Island has waited a long time for the arrival Sky Muster™ nbn™ satellite Internet services.  This is an exciting development for Lord Howe. It will allow residents to lead more productive and connected lives, bringing with it opportunities in business, education, work, entertainment, tourism and healthcare. It opens the door for a countless number of opportunities across the digital world.”

-Activ8me’s CEO, Tony Bundrock.

Since installing the first Sky Muster service on the island on 2nd May, Activ8me have processed a significant number of orders.  nbn TM installers completed the first official installation on 2nd May and had installed over 100 services by the 1st July

Activ8me are hoping Lord Howe Island Sky Muster installations can be completed by the end of August.  Another shipment of hardware to Lord Howe Island later this month will enable the rapid deployment of the next wave of Sky Muster TM services on Lord Howe Island.

If you would like more information on the nbn TM Sky Muster TM Satellite service you can visit

Tony Bundrock, CEO Activ8me

About Tony Bundrock, CEO Activ8me

Tony Bundrock is the CEO of Activ8me and has been in the telecommunications industry for two decades. Since starting at Activ8me 8 years ago, he has become an advocate for better internet services in regional and rural Australia. He is an expert in satellite broadband technology and endeavours to educate and inform readers about the most recent advances in broadband technology.