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Opticomm Oran Park Estate – visit the Activ8me stand at Oran Park Podium Shopping Centre 18-19 June
Visit the Activ8me stand this weekend 18th to 19th of June in the Oran Park Podium Shopping Centre to get the special internet deals for your home.

Visit the Activ8me stand this weekend 18th to 19th of June in the Oran Park Podium Shopping Centre to get the special internet deals for your home.

Fast Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet is available in Oran Park Estate and you can get the best deals when Activ8me comes to visit Sydney’s fastest growing town next week.

From 18th to 19th of June, come and see the Activ8me Stand in the Oran Park Podium Shopping Centre where you can ask for the best Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet deals. The Activ8me team will be able to answer all your questions about Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet and help you get connected to the best internet plan suited for your family. Special deals will be available this weekend.

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Be on the Lookout for the Activ8me Stand, similar to the image above

With Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet, residents can enjoy download speeds of up to 100Mbps which enable buffer-free streaming and upload speeds as high as 40Mbps which allow fast distribution of large files to storage facilities such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can connect to the Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet with Activ8me for as low as $39.95 per month or get a Family Pack Internet plan for only $49.95. Fast Internetallows families to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Work-life balance – Many people now have an option to work from home with a fast and reliable Internet connection comparable to the speeds previously only experienced in the office. Fast fibre Internet provides freedom and flexibility for everyone in the home.
  • Keeping in touch – Fast broadband connects loved ones and colleagues and gives them an enjoyable video conferencing experience that lets them see and talk to one another face to face without buffering. Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, keeping up with your network, family, friends, and colleagues has never been easier.
  • New Possibilities in the Connected Household – New devices, wireless sensors, and switches are opening up new possibilities for the connected home. Automation for lighting, entertainment and appliances will enhance playtime, make our homes smarter, safer, and more secure. Then there’s the possibility of entertainment on demand, HD video streaming, online games, photo, video, and music streaming, access to international TV, as well as news and sports. Fast fibre lets you watch, share, and stream whatever you like, whenever you choose.


About Activ8me

Activ8me is an official nbn™ Retail Service Provider (RSP) and is also an approved Opticommfibre optic service provider. Our fibre broadband service is recognised as one of the fastest ISPs by PC Mag Australia.


Get Connected to Opticomm Fibre Optic internet

Activ8me can help you get connected and experience fastOpticommFibre OpticInternet for your home.

To find out more information about OpticommFibre OpticInternet and how your home can get connected, visit the Activ8me Stand on 18th and 19th of June in the Oran Park Podium Shopping Centre.

Residents of Oran Park can also check if their home is eligible for Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet by calling Activ8me today:13 22 88 or by visiting the Activ8me homepage: and typing in their residential address on our address checker as seen below:

opticomm oran park internet

Our system has a built in predictive text field where it shows the addresses available as you type. Once you have entered or selected your full address on our address checker, click the red button that says “Get Deals”.  It will take only a matter of seconds for our system to determine your home address eligibility.

If your home is eligible, our system will flash a message pop up in confirmation that your address is eligible for an OpticommFibre Optic Internet.

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Next, simply click the message where it says “Click Here to Continue” to complete the final steps of your sign-up to fast Opticomm Fibre Optic Internet.