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How to Improve Wi-Fi Signal in Your Apartment

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Since Wi-Fi is composed of radio waves, it is subject to interference. It is one of the most useful ways of connecting to the Internet indoors, yet it is also one of the most irritating. If you’re bogged down by bad reception, slow speeds, and a host of other Wi-Fi issues, here are some helpful tips that can power up the Wi-Fi signal in your apartment.


  1. Use the Latest Wi-Fi Technologies

The data transfer speed of your Wi-Fi connection is dependent on the wireless standard that it uses. Utilising the latest hardware is one of the best ways to make sure your network is as fast and reliable as possible. Routers that support the most recent wireless standard, which is 802.11ac, can provide more than four times the throughput speed of an 802.11n hardware. Furthermore, the latest routers can help extend the battery life of your mobile devices.


  1. Put Router in Perfect Spot

If you want a strong signal, you need to find a perfect spot. Place the router out in the open that is free of any walls and obstructions. Point the antenna vertically straight up and put it on an elevated location if possible. Make sure to position it at the center of your apartment in order to get the best coverage possible.


  1. Avoid Signal Interference

Avoid placing  the router on top or beside large metal objects, including filing cabinets because they can block radio wave signals. Locate the router far away from other sources of signal interference, such as microwave ovens, 2.4 GHz cordless telephones and child monitors. They can hinder with the 2.4 GHz band signal of the router. If the interference is coming from a cordless telephone,  you might consider replacing it with the latest 5.8 GHz cordless model.


  1. Choose the Best Wi-Fi Channel

If you have neighbours  near your apartment, chances are their routers may degrade and interfere with yours. Since routers operate on a number of different channels, you need to select a channel that has minor or as little interference as possible. You can use a Wi-Fi analyser tool to find the best channel or access point for your router. You can find the Wi-Fi channel selection within the interface of the router and change it to an appropriate channel with lesser interference. Wi-Fi analyser apps are available for Android phones and tablets, which can suggest the least cluttered Wi-Fi channel on your network. You can further strengthen the signal by utilising a Wi-Fi booster to improve the range and the speed.


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