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NBN completion to transform regional Australia’s productivity

nbn completion regional australia productivity

A recent research from the University of Melbourne has projected that the business sector could contribute up to $4 billion annually to the Australian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) after the nbn™ is completed. The rollout of high speed broadband Internet can help in the transformation of regional areas in the country resulting in better productivity. The project also affects the economy by making online services more widely accessible.

Significant Opportunities for SMEs

KPMG demographer Bernard Salt is hopeful that the nbn™ can bring significant local and global opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in remote areas, such as the Mid North Coast, NSW. “You can be based in Coffs Harbour and instead of having a catchment area or a trading base or a customer base limited to Coffs Harbour, with super-connectivity you can actually be selling products to the rest of the world,” he remarked.

Mr Salt is confident that SMEs will benefit largely from a new wave of digital services that will change the way they interact with customers and suppliers. “The horizons of business in Australia are suddenly expanded and the limitations of our demography, the tyranny of distance is collapsed as a consequence of having access to the rest of the world.”

The potential impact of the nbn™ in the livelihood and lifestyle in regional Australia could not be understated. Mr Salt stressed that “by the middle of the century, if you de-link the need to actually physically go into an office, why wouldn’t Australians do as they have done for 100 years and pursue the lifestyle option up the coast, down the coast? Up to Byron Bay, out to Alice Springs, to Kiama, wherever in fact that you want to work or live in Australia may well be possible. I think it opens up all sorts of opportunities for regional Australia.”

Historical Impact

The nbn™ is viewed as a great game-changer in the history of the Australian people in the 21st century. According to Salt, “the last couple of decades was the era of ‘Capital City Australia’, certainly Melbourne and Sydney have led the charge, but it won’t always be the case. In fact, if you go back 100 years to the time of Federation, half the Australian population lived in what we would now call regional Australia. That proportion today is about a third at best, so there has been a re-weighting toward metropolitan values, metropolitan workplace opportunities. But you could say throughout the 21st century, this lifestyle shift and the de-linking of where you work and where you want to live, could re-shape Australia.”

Access to fast nbn™ Broadband Plans can help Australian businesses to improve the economy and their employees to achieve higher productivity.

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