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NBN asks Tasmanians to connect to Fixed Wireless

nbn fixed wireless tasmania

With the recent installation of several fixed wireless towers in Tasmania, the nbn™ encourages residents and communities to connect to its topnotch fixed wireless service that is now available and spread across the region.

According to the the nbn™, there is now a vast network of over 100 fixed wireless towers that deliver fast Internet services in the island state and more coming up soon. Recently, new Wi-Fi towers have been switched on at Mount Rivulet near Molesworth and Coles Bay.

Moreover, there are currently 31,327 premises that are connected within the fixed wireless network footprint in Tasmania,which includes parts of the Huon Valley, Tasman Peninsula, Derwent Valley, East Coast, Midlands, Central Highlands, North East Tasmania, and the North West Coast.

On the other hand, some Tasmanians may not be aware of the availability of the fixed wireless network in their area. While there are already more than 100,000 active users on the nbn™ fixed wireless service across Australia, data shows that only one in every three Tasmanians have subscribed to the service.

Russell Kelly, the nbn™ Tasmania Corporate Affairs Manager, has emphasised that fast Internet is bringing educational, e-health, and business opportunities to regional and remote Tasmania.“People not currently connected to the nbn™ can now consider making the switch… For businesses, many forms of online interaction will be improved and for families, multiple users can be online at the same time,” Kelly said.

Mr. Kelly has urged regional Tasmanians to check their address on the nbn™ website to see if they are eligible for access to fixed wireless connection.“We are aware that many people in regional Tasmania don’t know they currently have access to fixed wireless services so there is no better time to find out, simply by logging on to the website,” he stressed.

Over half a million Australian homes and businesses are expected to gain access to the nbn™ fixed wireless network once the rollout has been completed.Records from the nbn™ show that out of more than 100,000 premises that use the service around the country, 82 percent are signed on to the 25/5 Mbps plan, 17 percent are subscribed to the 12/1Mbps plan, while only 1 percent has opted to the fastest 50/20Mbps plan on the fixed wireless network.

Recently, Tasmanian MP Brett Whiteley met with both local residents and businesses in Western Tasmania and explained to them that the infrastructure represents a “great opportunity” and that they should stop pining for a fibre to the premise connection.

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