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NBN key in TeleHealth growth in Queensland

telehealth nbn queensland australia

Telehealth is growing in Queensland as more and more residents are availing themselves of this service that is made even more achievable and attainable with the application of the nbn™ related technologies according to a recent report by the Australian Regional Media.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of electronic information utilizing existing or upcoming telecommunications service platforms to facilitate the application of medical, health care, clinical, and health related administration between doctors and patients.

Applications include over the phone discussions, videoconferencing, sending and storing patient exclusive files and the accessibility over the cloud computing technology of patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) under strict security compliance.

Growing in QLD

With long distance travel not advisable for patients with pre-existing conditions, Telehealth has been a viable option for managing the health and wellness of Queenslanders, who are ultimate beneficiaries of the rise of theseservices as the nbn™ reaches more areas in Queensland.

According to the recent NBN Digital Health At Home Report, the cost of traveling vast areas and time needed to see a medical practitioner have been the problem for patients living in remote or rural Australia.

This is where a growing number of Australians nationwide are embracing Telehealth according to the report:

  • Saves time and costs in bringing medical healthcare to the household as 42% are managing personal and family health. 38% find Telehealth very convenient and 1 out of 5 of the 27% use Telehealth to seek a second opinion to make an informed decision.
  • Information from medical resources is improving the quality of life for regional and rural Australians that are now more optimistic and better informed to make important decisions regarding personal and family health.
  • Helping bridge the health divide from the major cities of Australia to rural Australia as more and more rural patients are harnessing Telehealth services and consult with specialists not available within their location.

For Queenslanders, Telehealth is an important of the long term wellbeing of the family:

  • Accessibility to resources and medical professionals that allow to better manage personal and family health.
  • Telehealth saves time and cost in traversing huge distances to see a specific medical practitioner.
  • Remote appointment for clinical visits and medical conferences.
  • Home monitoring of an elderly patient.

With the nbn™ rapidly expanding across Australia and reaching more medical premises in rural parts of Australia, patients will be able to access the benefits that Telehealth offers.

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