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Sky Muster to Deliver Better Internet for Rural & Farming Communities

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Regional Australia to Say Goodbye to Dial-up Speeds
Residents and businesses in rural areas to benefit from radically improved Internet

Activ8me is delighted to announce that residents and businesses located in regional Australia will soon benefit from radically improved Internet services with the launch of the Sky Muster™ nbn™ satellite service.

Utilising next-generation satellite technology with increased capacity, the Sky Muster™ service will not only deliver faster Internet speeds, but also overall improved levels of service.  The Sky Muster™ satellite will replace old satellite services and deliver faster Internet to regional locations which currently have limited or no Internet connectivity.

Installations for the service are scheduled to begin next month and when completed more than 200,000 premises in regional Australia will have access to Internet speeds up to 10 times faster than ISS satellite services.

“Slow and unreliable Internet has long inhibited residents and businesses in regional Australia. The introduction of the Sky Muster™ nbn™ satellite is an exciting development.It will allow residents to lead more productive and connected lives, bringing with it opportunities in business, education, work, entertainment, healthcare and farming,” said Activ8me’s CEO, Tony Bundrock.

With the improved connectivity afforded by Sky Muster™, farmers will be able to harness smart farming technology such as telemetry which includes data loggers, sensors, batteries and transmission devices that increase operational efficiencies like improved water and energy usage and the optimisation of crop growth. Additionally, they will be able to access automated remote controlled equipment and robots, and store, control and access their data online.

With respect to education and work, Sky Muster™ will immediately make it is easier for rural residents to work, study and access distance education programs remotely. In addition to improved work, business and education prospects, locals will also be better equipped to access medical care remotely without having to physically visit the doctor.

“The nbn™ Sky Muster™ activation is great news for Internet users in the Southern Riverina as it will help people conduct everyday business and complete routine communication,” said Member for Farrer, Sussan Ley.

“nbn’s™ advanced technology will enable families, farmers and businesses to access applications. It opens the door for a countless number of opportunities across the digital world.”

To date Activ8me have connected 100 customers to the Sky Muster™ service.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with customers citing Sky Muster’s™ improved speed, connectivity and service as life changing,” said Mr Bundrock.

Wendy Stewart, resident and business owner in Apollo Bay, said “In testing Sky Muster™, we’ve found the service to be outstanding. I have a daughter in year 12 who no longer has issues accessing files, conducting searches or streaming videos. It’s reliable and our business benefits from greatly increased Internet speeds. My three adult children came home for Easter and the service didn’t have any issues meeting the demands of their extra devices and the increase in traffic.”

Residences and businesses that are not in an nbn™ satellite service area, will benefit from alternate nbn™ service options such as fixed wireless. Fixed wireless currently services over 371,000 premises in regional Australia, including 16,000 in the Murray Valley and Riverina districts.

Sky Muster™ Free Event for Murray Valley and Riverina Residents and Businesses

Activ8me invites residents and businesses to attend an information session about Sky Muster™ at Deniliquin RSL on Wednesday 6th of April at 11am – 12:30pm.  The Hon. Sussan Ley, Minister for Health, Aged Care and Sport will officially launch the service for Activ8me, and nbn™ representatives will be in attendance to provide information and answer questions on the day.  Other guests will include the Deniliquin Shire Mayor, CEO and Economic Development Manager, and local representatives from the Murray-Riverina Economic Development Authority.

Come and hear about the exciting opportunities that Sky Muster™ and fixed wireless will deliver across the Riverina and Murray Valley.

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