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YouTube Planning a 360 Video Stream Feature

youtube 360

The desire for a full immersive and interactive user engagement in action videos has fueled the aggressive growth of the 360-degree panoramic video. This system allows the video camera to capture a full sphere image (360-degrees horizontally and 180-degrees vertically) at the widest angle possible. But most 360-degree video cameras don’t have a live stream footage capability.

As the global leader in video sharing, YouTube desires to extend its leading edge in the virtual reality (VR) technology by developing 360-degree video live streaming broadcasts to its platform. It plans to offer livestream events and activities with a 360-degree perspective that people can view via Google Cardboard or other VR headsets and enjoy a deeply immersed experience as if they are part of the event. YouTube is negotiating with 360-degree camera manufacturers to include Internet support in order to stream video footages live.

Currently, only a small number of 360 video cameras in the market have live video streaming capability and are mostly in poor quality. The 360-degree videos are recorded using multiple clips, which are spliced together in post-production to create the spherical image effect.

As of now, pre-recorded immersive videos are available, while the 360-degree video live stream feature is still a work in progress on YouTube and is expected to become a major trend in this Google-owned platform.

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