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Why You Should Consider a Wireless Printer at Home

wireless printer
Wireless technology has revolutionised home printing in recent years, which eliminated the need for costly, deadly, and ugly wires trailing all over your house. It saves you money, as you no longer need to have your computer constantly turned-on for the printer to be accessible. A wireless printer does not even have to be connected directly to a computer. You can use it in any room you want – no longer stocked to a corner near a phone outlet. You can easily connect a wireless printer directly through a hub or router using a regular LAN cable and be accessible to anyone using the network in your place.

A wireless printer is fast, precise, and durable. It has well-engineered systems that guarantee great value for users. Here are the top reasons why you should consider having a wireless printer at home:

  1. Convenient Use

Wireless network printer is the best option for Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) use. It can be easily configured and shared with many users, instead of being limited to a single computer. It is always ready to print when it is well within range and connected to the wireless network.  Unlike in a wired printer, the user has to bring the computer beside it and hook it up or may need to save the file to a USB dongle then plug it to the printer. Sending a file for printing wirelessly is much simpler and more convenient.

  1. Flexible Location

A wireless printer has no placement limitation. It has the flexibility to be relocated anywhere in your most preferred spot. You can also have your printing in a secured room where confidential information is safe from prying eyes. Since a wireless printer can automatically communicate to a computer while connected to the same network, it is easier to print from anywhere in your SOHO. Even if it has several floors and rooms, a wireless signal can penetrate through walls and ceilings enabling you to print what you need.

  1. Secured Network

Password-enabled access and network encryption are necessary protections in order to prevent the hacking and leaking of confidential documents. Wireless printer offers security features such as password protection and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). The WPA encryption provides secure connections with other devices and prevents the risks of unsecured data transmission. Through activating this feature in the wireless printer and on each device on the network, you can establish a secured network between them.

  1. Multiple Devices

Compatible wireless printers work well with different mobile devices. As long as they are within the same wireless network, printing can take place directly using any device that you have – desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other wireless gadgets. Printing is faster since wireless printers do not need a computer to manage print jobs. Wireless printers can also receive files and photos directly from mobile devices without requiring their initial downloading to a computer.

  1. Cost Effective

It is far less expensive to have a single printer that everyone shares, instead of having individual printers on every desk. A wireless printer reduces the need for expensive cables and connections. This convenient technology has changed the way modern businesses operate and has positively affected the cost and rate of work production. Another great thing about a wireless printer is that the Wi-Fi option adds very little to its price. Current wireless printers for home use cost less than $50.00 – well within the range of budget conscious users.

  1. Orderly Space

Wires do not only consume space, they also post safety hazards. Having a wireless printer removes the need for cluttered spaces and unattractive cables that run along the walls and floors. Only one power cord is needed, while the rest of the connection is done through an electronic signal expanding across the dwelling place. Working from home is orderly and less stressful using a multi-function wireless printer. 

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