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Why Switch From ADSL And Mobile Wireless To nbn Fixed Wireless


If you’re tired of ADSL’s snail pace connection and have had enough of your mobile’s inconsistent service, the nbn’s fixed wireless broadband is the smarter alternative.

The nbn™ Fixed Wireless is a new broadband technology designed specifically for high speed transfer of Internet traffic with reliable connection. To access the service, a small antenna is installed on your premises to pick up the signal from a fixed wireless tower. With speeds of up to 50Mbps, it runs faster than the standard ADSL2+ services in the metro areas.

Affordable NBN Fixed Wireless Plans are now available in regional and rural areas to serve both home and business Internet needs. Plans vary in price depending on your preferred download speeds, but can be more competitive than ADSL plans and much faster than ADSL2+ technology.

What are the benefits of the nbn™ Fixed Wireless?

The nbn™ Fixed Wireless broadband is designed to carry large amounts of data required for high speed Internet connection. It is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 50Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20 Mbps. It provides Internet access to a fixed number of households in a specific area, so speeds are faster and more consistent. Standard installations are at no cost to you. 

Why switch from ADSL?

Most ADSL users have to struggle with a slow internet connection. ADSL1 peak speeds are up to 8 Mbps download/384 kbps upload and ADSL2+ potential maximum speeds are up to 24 Mbps download/1Mbps upload. This technology relies on outdated copper line networks that were originally intended just for telephone calls. ADSL speeds vary depending on the distance to the network exchange, the quality of copper wire in your street/home, and the volume of people using the network in your area.

Why switch from mobile wireless? 

Mobile hotspot connection can be unreliable indoors and affected by dead spots, weather patterns, electrical wiring, and enclosed surroundings. It may also slow when there is an increase in the number of people who use the Internet in a specific area. Mobile network speeds of 7 Mbps to 12 Mbps are usually enjoyed only in metro areas. This can vary intermittently and drop to below 6Mbps even if a mobile user is within the network’s operational distance of 4 kilometres. Mobile Wi-Fi  is beneficial if you have multiple devices, but can eat up your data subscription quickly. Furthermore, monthly plans for mobile wireless data are usually more expensive.

If you’re suffering from a poor ADSL or unreliable mobile wireless connection, switch now and go up to 6 times faster*. Activ8me nbn advice specialists have a wealth of broadband experience, can check coverage at your home, and help get you connected to faster broadband. Call 13 22 88 or visit