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WiFi HaLow Offers Better Coverage and Energy Efficiency


Experiencing trouble with intermittent Wi-Fi connection at your home? Feeling ripped off by the cost? With the advent of Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced “HAY-Low”, like the angel’s halo), you can take a breather from Wi-Fi woes. The Wi-Fi Alliance has developed this new technology using the IEEE 802.11ah wireless networking protocol, which aims to provide both superior penetration and energy savings.

Having consistent wireless services, like the NBN Fixed Wireless Plans, which suit your needs are important for your home and business. Here is a glimpse of what Wi-Fi HaLow has to offer:

Better Coverage

This new Wi-Fi technology operates at 900MHz that enables it to easily pass through thick walls and floors. Current Wi-Fi devices operate at higher frequencies of either 2.4GHz or 5GHz, which make signals difficult to maintain when they pass through physical obstructions. This is the reason your technician wants you to place your router in open space, so walls don’t get in the way, or may recommend you install a booster if you have several rooms or floors. Another factor to delight about Wi-Fi HaLow is its 802.11ah protocol standard that is an extended range. It can reach a coverage nearly double the current standards.

Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed when the DSL light on your modem blinks slowly, then faster, then slowly again? It is trying to acquire and broadcast the Wi-Fi signal, which is affected when there are various partitions in your home and consequently consumes more energy. With Wi-Fi HaLow, the signal doesn’t degrade much when passing through various obstructions, so your devices can save more power sending and receiving data. It uses low power connectivity that is necessary for applications including sensors and wearables.

Wi-Fi Alliance envisions HaLow to meet the futuristic demands of the Internet of Things that improves the connection and integration of the physical world and computer-based systems. With increased range and lower power, 802.11ah is perfect for the structural needs of smart cities from controlling traffic lights to bridges, health monitoring systems for digital healthcare devices, smart home gears and fashion wearables, and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned to learn more useful tips on how to get the best possible connection at home. To know the best internet plans for your home, you can visit our Plan Guru or call sales on 13 22 88. Our friendly representatives will help you choose the best nbn™ and how to connect.

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