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Cyber-Security essential tips for the New Year


Smartphones these days perform many of the functions only computers were capable of before. Because so many gadgets today work like computers, they have all become prone to cyber attacks and have left users vulnerable to cyber hacking.

Don’t fall victim to cyber attacks. Start your year right by securing your computers and other gadgets.

Switch off router when not in use

Hackers tend to target connections that are always on. Protect your network by switching it off when not in use and making the connection more sporadic instead of continuous. That way, hackers will be less attracted to you. However, if you are in one of those households that need to have the Internet connection switched on at all times, protect yourself by securing the entry point – your router.

Check your firewall

What is a firewall? It is a piece of hardware or software that keeps your device secure. Your computer needs to have a decent one, and so does your router. Most Operating Systems already have a built-in integrated firewall.

Invest in good anti-virus software

So, you don’t have anti-virus software installed, the question is why? It is a must for computer and other Internet-capable device owners because it prevents virus infections, especially when updated regularly. Storage devices also need to be scanned for viruses regularly, so good virus protection software is absolutely essential.

Install computer updates

Keeping your PC up to date may not be the most pleasant thing to do, but it’s worth the effort because computers that are never updated tend to be more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Keep your operating system/s up to date to strengthen your computer’s security.

Be careful where you browse

Steer clear of dodgy websites likely affected by worms which are out to infect your computer and plant it with a virus. Do not browse infected websites and always be careful when you click links, and once again, keep your anti-virus software up to date.

Use a strong password

Since you don’t know how websites store your password, you can’t trust them. Passwords are prone to getting compromised, so it is best to use a different password for each site you sign up to. But be careful where you save your passwords, because it might get into the wrong hands.

Use a secure browser

The most secure browser to date is Google Chrome. Use that instead of your old and outdated Internet Explorer.

Follow these tips to protect yourself and your devices against cyber attacks. You will surely have a more enjoyable browsing experience when you are protected against hackers and virus infection.

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