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Google Launches OnHub, It’s Own Wi-Fi Router

google onhub wifi router australia

The groundwork for network infrastructure Google Fibre is being laid out by Google in their commitment to providing faster, more secure broadband and Internet access.

Last month, Google launched the OnHub Wi-Fi router which came as the result of their partnership with networking gear company, TP-LINK. The OnHub comes with 13 Wi-Fi antennas featuring a circular design, and a 1.4gigahertz dual core processor. The companies behind the router say it is capable of reaching speeds up to 1900Mbps.

TP-LINK, based in Shenzen, China competes with other tech giants like Netgear and Linksys (Belkin). It is one of the largest consumer networking companies worldwide.

The Google On smartphone app from Google will make it possible for users to manage the router. It’s available on both Android and iOS. The app will take care of the necessary processes including setup, device management, and guest login credentials. Network performance details will also be laid out.

What’s more is that OnHub will regularly receive new updates to offer new features and security patches.

There are still some details about the product which have not been made available yet, but some of the things we do know are:

  • OnHub will come with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It will be equipped with ZigBee radio which uses the Weave communication protocol that’s designed by Google’s own Nest.
  • OnHub’s features combined allow it to work as a smart home hub.
  • OnHub comes with built-in speakers.
  • OK Google, the company’s voice-enabled intelligent PA, might also get integrated with OnHub.

No word yet on how and where this product will fit in under Alphabet – Google’s new operating structure.

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