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Why you should consider NBN Fixed Wireless

The NBN fixed wireless broadband is the answer to the high demand for large amounts of data consumed by residents and business owners in their respective communities. It is built to deliver speeds comparable to ADSL2+ in big cities.

nbn fixed wireless

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What’s more, residents don’t even need a phone line to use it.

But what are the other benefits of fixed wireless, and why should you consider it?

Here’s what makes fixed wireless an outstanding technology.

Speed – with wireless, data travels fast – at the speed of light – with more direct paths than fibre.

Performance – wireless delivers outstanding performance and an Internet connection with low jitter and low latency.

Data capacity – wireless is capable of sending multiple gigabits per second.

Reliability – wireless systems can withstand extreme weather and are as reliable as other connections available.

Easy installation – unlike terrestrial networks which take a long time to plan, execute, and install, wireless can be installed in a matter of days.

Fixed wireless is truly a viable option for reliable Internet access in remote areas. It eliminates the need for new cable-laying and has a high bandwidth capacity which is unaffected or impeded by fibre or cable capacities.