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New NBN Fixed Wireless Service Areas Go Live In The Timboon Region

The wait for residents will be soon be over as additional NBN fixed wireless service areas are being turned on in the Timboon region throughout April.

The orange shaded areas on the map below shows the NBN fixed wireless service areas scheduled for end of April 2015, and the green shaded area is currently live and ready for residents to connect.

Timboon Region

For more detail see our interactive map:

What the NBN means for the Timboon region:

NBN Co spokesperson Corrie Withers said the fixed wireless service can bring better broadband to the bush.

“More farms, residents and businesses can look forward to having access to faster internet with the NBN expanding its broadband footprint throughout Victoria.

“For decades, rural and regional Australia has been left behind when it comes to telecommunications. The fixed wireless service is designed to provide access to internet speeds and bandwidth that many in the big cities currently take for granted.

“The NBN also means you can get the whole family on line at once, opening up opportunities for local farms, businesses and the wider region to participate in the digital age. Fast broadband can help deliver improved access to health, education and entertainment over high quality video links,” Mr Withers said.


Activ8me Marketing Manager Ian Roberts is proud to be able serve new communities with a great digital experience:

“Activ8me has always worked to provide internet services for regional Australia.  We are now able to service 165,000 premises in regional Australia with NBN Fixed Wireless, and 1,600 eligible residents specifically in the Timboon area.  We are privileged to be able to help improve the lives of the local community.”

The NBN fixed wireless network is coming to various communities through Australia in 2015. This new form of technology promises to give all Australians access to faster and more effective internet than ever before.

There are several benefits of fixed wireless, including:

  • Fixed wireless offers speeds of up to 25Mbps, which is equal to or better than what people in urban areas with an ADSL 2+ services.
  • On the 1stMay 2015, NBN will be trialling even faster speeds of up to 50Mbps. Activ8me will be offering this increased speed to new customers at the same cost as the 25/5Mbps speed plans at no additional cost until July, 2015.
  • The speed remains steady and data is more cost effective when compared to a mobile wireless service.
  • It uses advanced technology commonly referred to as LTE or 4G.
  • The bandwidth per household will be more consistent than mobile wireless, even in peak times of use.

The technology works via small antenna installed on your premises. It picks up a signal from a fixed wireless tower, allowing you to receive speeds comparable to internet services in metro areas.

Activ8me is a registered NBN provider and has plans starting from $39.95 for 40GB data. Residents in the Timboon region can find out more information on NBN fixed wireless service areas and plans by contacting Activ8me on 1800 80 44 10 or visiting