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NBN Satellite helping regional education for a brighter future

NBN Regional

In the past, living in regional Australia was considered to be a limitation in terms of having access to education or learning. But all that is in the past now that the NBN is here and it is helping to break distance barriers through faster Internet connections.

Regional students now have easy access to schools and fast Internet speeds thanks to the National Broadband Network’s launching of its two satellites. Apart from helping with homework, tertiary students also benefit from the NBN.

Lindy Ravenscroft, who is a part-time mature-aged student at Charles Sturt University, is just one example of how the NBN has helped people make studying easy and enjoyable. She lives 450kms away, but her NBN satellite Internet service makes it possible for her to undertake her degree.

Rural kids see broadband to be more than just a means to gain access to various modes of entertainment online; to them, it is what they need to reach the level of education students in the city have unlimited access to.

Watch this video to learn more about how the NBN is benefitting individuals and families across regional Australia.

Image CC: Waag Society