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The NBN has come to Goolwa

Three new NBN fixed wireless service areas were turned on this week. The brownshaded areas on the map below show the NBN fixed wireless service areas:


  • 5GLW-51-01-CLAY (Clayton Bay)
  • 5GLW-51-02-CURC (Currency Creek North)
  • 5GLW-51-03-GOOW (Goolwa)

Want to find out more and use our interactive map. See:

What the NBN means for the Coffs Harbor Region:

“More families and businesses in South Australia are a step closer to being able to enjoy the benefits of fast and reliable broadband, which can deliver improved access to e-health resources, online education, teleworking opportunities and entertainment on demand” said NBN Co spokesperson Justin Jarvis.

“For families in rural and regional communities in particular, NBN provides access to internet speeds and capacity that many in the big cities take for granted.” (

Activ8me Marketing Manager Ian Roberts is proud to be able serve new communities with a great digital experience:

“Activ8me has always worked to provide services for regional Australia.  We are now able to service 165,000 premises in regional Australia with NBN Fixed Wireless.  We are privileged to be able to serve Goolwa and help improve the lives of the local community.”

The NBN fixed wireless network is coming to various communities through Australia in 2015. This new form of technology promises to give all Australians access to faster and more effective internet than ever before.

There are several benefits of fixed wireless, including:

  • Fixed wireless offers speeds of up to 25Mbps, which is equal to or better than what people in urban areas with an ADSL 2+ services.
  • The speed remains steady, because unlike a mobile wireless service, the speed will not be affected by people moving into and out of the area
  • It uses advanced technology commonly referred to as LTE or 4G
  • The bandwidth per household will be more consistent than mobile wireless, even in peak times of use

The technology works via small antenna installed on your premises. It picks up a signal from a fixed wireless tower, allowing you to receive speeds comparable to internet services in metro areas.