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Wangaratta to get on the NBN soon

wangarattaAfter waiting for five years, fixed line access to the NBN will finally be made available in Wangaratta in the next 18 months.

This week, an announcement naming Wangaratta as included in the roll out schedule in Victoria was made by NBN Co. The schedule runs from now until June 2016.

NBN Co has not provided other details regarding the roll outs in the city, but Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi), gave confirmation of the inclusion of around 8,000 premises in Wangaratta (and Wangaratta South) and Waldara in the fixed line footprint.

She said this was great news for home and business owners in Wangaratta who will have faster Internet access and a more reliable connection that will also pave the way for VOIP phone plans come June 2016.

McGowan promised to go on working with the government in order to solve the telecommunications issues in Indi. She will also discuss the roll out with NBN representatives in Canberra tomorrow.

This week’s announcement falls behind previous month’s news of the construction of 11 towers across Indi that aim to deliver NBN wireless services to some 215 Springhurst areas, 390 Glenrowan premises, 415 in Milawa, and 160 in Wangaratta South.