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Hindmarsh councillors approve new site for Jeparit NBN tower

nbn towerA 50-metre tall structure on Peterson Avenue was planned to be built by NBN Co two years ago. Due to the residents’ complaints, the company withdrew the application.

In this week’s meeting, a planning permit for the new location was approved by Mayor Ron Lowe.

This would be built at the council’s depot on Lower Roy Street.

“The previous issue was that it was located on the river flat where it flooded in 2011 and local residents said it was also too close to their homes, but I think it satisfies the local residents,” Mayor Ron Lowe said.

He said that further complaints will not be entertained.

“We took it to the town committee and there were no issues raised there and then NBN decided they would settle on the one position,” he said.

The council had it approved and there were no objections.

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