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NBN Broadband: Faster Internet Coming to Gayndah

faster internetGayndah will be the first town in North Burnett to gain access to the National Broadband Network, allowing rural to catch up with urban Queensland in terms of telecommunications.

David Wilson, Gayndah State Emergency Services controller, said faster and more efficient communication can be achieved through faster Internet.

“The internet gives us more capability of talking directly on Skype, and ability for videoconference to work everything out during an emergency. With faster internet, we could simultaneously email everyone, rather than phoning people individually,” Mr Wilson said.

The rollout will not include main town areas yet due to the need for NBN to wire individual homes, but NBN Co spokesperson Ryan Williams said NBN’s expansion to the Queensland’s Wide-Bay Burnett region would give more farms, residents, and businesses access to faster Internet.

Faster Internet in the area means families can get in touch with relatives from other parts of the country, or even the world through instant messaging software like Skype. Businesses in the region will also enjoy many advantages from the faster internet connection.

Each resident who will sign up for the service will get an aerial fixed to the roof to enable them to connect to the NBN broadband. These houses will also be made WiFi-ready, eliminating the need for cables and wires.

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