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NBN Fixed Wireless rollout in Calare gains momentum


Sunny Corner is the latest addition to the seven new sites that enable hundreds of premises in Calare to connect to the NBN fixed wireless.

John Cobb, Federal Member for Calare, named Blayney, Carcoar, Mandurama, Neville, Mt. Panorama, Sunny Corner, and Forbes as the sites that have reached the build commenced stage.

He said he was pleased with the rate at which the rollouts have been happening, and that Calare is beginning to see the benefits of the process.

“To add a further seven sites to the ones already up and running in Calare is fantastic, especially for residents of these smaller towns which haven’t had access to good internet services,” Mr. Cobb said.

In the next 12 months, more towns in the Calare electorate are to gain access to the NBN, prioritizing the worst-serviced areas.

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