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NBN Fixed Wireless Broadband New Era for Casino and Fairy Hill

Thousands of customers can now be connected to the National Broadband Network using the Fixed Wireless Broadband service in Casino and Fairy Hill, NSW.

Internet service providers can now offer fast and reliable download and upload speed in Casino and Fairy Hill through the NBN’s fixed network. iFamilies can now connect to their friends and family while providing next generation support and opportunities for their children.


Having a new broadband network in North Coast, NSW can connect to different devices from TV to tablets to mobiles. NBN Co’s fixed wireless network is a new beginning and a new era for the locals of the Casino and Fairy Hill that will be within reach of local residents and businesses.

“Fast broadband puts parents in touch with a multitude of parenting support tools and entertainment options for the kids. Casino and Fairy Hill are home to a lot of children, and there’s nothing worse than young idle thumbs.

“Fixed wireless on the NBN can provide the bandwidth needed to get households online using a growing range of devices.

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“We strongly encourage customers in parts of Casino and Fairy Hill to sign up on the NBN, so they can start experiencing the benefits of next generation broadband,” said a spokesperson of a telco company.

There are further 3000 premises that will benefit and are expected to be connected to NBN Fixed Wireless before Christmas. Businesses and homes that surround Fairy Hill and Casino, which is around 750 or more, are eligible to get and enjoy the NBN Fixed Wireless broadband.