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Fast Wireless Broadband for Rural Homes

By the end of next year, rural and regional premises areas in NSW will be connected to a fast internet by the use of fixed wireless towers and will double the premises connected to the NBN.

Around 27,000 households and businesses connect via NBN Wireless Broadband across the state and 30,000 more premises will be connected after completing the work on building towers by the end of 2015.

The 30,000 figures will still increase since more rural and regional areas were added to the NBN footprint.

“We’re gathering a lot of momentum in rural NSW,” said by Tony Gibbs, an NBN Company community relations.”

Parts of the mid – North Coast, Scone, Dubbo, Armidale and Tamworth are the areas who are enjoying the fixed wireless.


Central West heading back towards the Blue Mountains, the Riverina and parts of the Northern Rivers and South Coast will be the next area to be added to the NBN footprint and where the next towers are being built.

NBN Co Long Term Satellite was on a schedule to replace the internet service in late 2015 which is being used by 4300 users.

As per NBN Co’s satellite program director Matt Dawson that it’s a milestone for NBN when the 9th satellite ground station in WA was completed and will deliver fast and reliable internet to remote areas in Australia.

Ground stations for the satellite in NSW have been built in Bourke, Wolumla on the South Coast, and Broken Hill.

“When fully operational, each NBN satellite ground station will be capable of transmitting 10 gigabits per second – which is equivalent to downloading one high definition movie every second,” he said.

“Once in service, NBN’s Long Term Satellite will help people in remote and regional Australia access e-health, distance education and entertainment on demand, while businesses could potentially increase productivity, reduce costs and access new markets,” Mr Dawson said.

Dubbo, Armidale, Taree, Coffs Harbour and Kiama had been connected to direct fibre connections to homes in rural and regional NSW, he said.

Having a strong demand in rural and regional areas for fast internet broadband was the big challenged by NBN Co and was still working to integrate the NBN Satellite and NBN Wireless recommendations said by Mr Gibbs.

The review said that 25,000 more premises would have to be connected to fibre and 1300 more for fixed wireless towers so NBN Co will meet higher than expected demand for broadband in rural Australia.

“There’s a huge demand in the bush,” he said.