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NBN Rollout Picks Up Speed And Back On Track

Additional 750 Australian premises are now included in the NBN roll out; some are disappointed to miss out, while others are happy and excited to be on the list.

towerNBN Fixed Wireless towers – Orange West, March, Windera and Molong west – were ready for service as announced by Member for Calare John Cobb.

Residents in the area that will be covered by NBN will get download speeds of 25 megabits a second and 5 megabits a second for their upload speeds. Areas that will be covered by the tower are Canobolas, Garra, Windera, Borenore, Belgravia, the eastern side of Nashdale, parts of Summer Hill Creek and parts of Molong.

About 4 megabits a second is the current average speed for ADSL nationally.

Jane West from the Australian National Field Days and its employees are relying on ADSL. The area is covered by Telstra 4G towers that were built in recent years.

“It gave us enough wireless and mobile capacity on site to get us through the event,” she said.

No words about the availability of NBN service was noted in the area, but Ms West said that they would enquire about a permanent faster broadband service.

“It would be huge because we run four computers here and all of our business is pretty much done by email – it would speed it up,” she said.

Having faster internet would allow faster booking and sending of aerial photos for their clients.

Orange Township and the North Orange residential have not been listed to receive the technology at the moment. Wireless coverage now extends to Orange as far as Northern Distributor Road at Burrendong Way and Ophir Road.

Eyelash extension business owner in Orange Leonie Connoly, missing out meant dealing with a blackspot area.

“On phones its fine, but Wi-Fi in the house is absolutely terrible,” she said.

They need internet access to deal with their suppliers and handle invoices. The last resort she can do is to use her mobile data.

“I’m paying for the cost of Wi-Fi at home and on my phone, when I should be able to rely on my Wi-Fi,” she said.

“We should have good service areas all through town; it would make life much easier.”

Canowindra, Molong and Cowra are surrounded by active wireless coverage or coverage under construction so Orange is not alone in missing out the roll out. Rollouts in the areas are not yet flagged in their centres.

John Cobb said in a statement the federal government was committed to providing a MINIMUM level of broadband services.

“Each area will be upgraded on a needs basis, with the more remote areas upgraded first,” he said.

“After a thorough investigation, the outskirts of Orange were deemed to need NBN more than the township, which already has good access to the internet.”

Six towers are completed out of 18 towers that have started.

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