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Australia leading the world in virtual hiring

While Australia is not regarded as a tech innovation hub by the world yet, Australia is making progress with its tech sector growth with outsourcing and virtual hiring of talents. Those two factors are known as contributors to the growth of Australia’s technology sector for the past three years.

According to statistics, 160,000 Australia companies across the nation have hired more than 84,000 online professionals via virtual hiring on various setups from project based to an hourly charged.

How will the tech sector and telecommunications outsourcing trickle down to the economy?

Influx of Skills

For years, Australia has seen shortage of IT professionals on several regions and the shallow pool of talents for specialist jobs involving key sectors. Outsourcing or hiring virtual workers can help address the gap and be a medium to pass on knowledge and skills. It is not only outsourcing, but insourcing as well where local freelancers who operate virtually are being hired for programming and organization functions.


Open ended knowledge economy

Australian multi-national firms like Ubank and Webjet have found a solution to their regional shortage of specialists workforce through the use of outsourcing and insourcing. More and more organizations have followed the framework of virtual workforces ranging from finance, tourism and education. This allows them to not only hire for specific roles and needs, but these workforce have knowledge of their local or abroad industries used for business intelligence. Hiring virtually and using the advantage of the internet over ad and print allows companies to quickly fill the need for a job that takes only days to solve.


Global Competitiveness

The challenge for Australian companies is to grow not only locally but tap into the global competitive levels as the market and consumer behavior are changing rapidly. Locally, Australian consumers too have embraced mobile commerce and the digital way of life. For Australian companies to expand abroad but are unable to find the right local talent, outsourcing becomes an option. Telecommunication companies have been hiring online marketing professionals, accountants and teleforce staffing for years now and have cut operational cost at home. Local virtual skilled workers too, have benefitted from regional hiring where suburban or city based virtual employees get hired on a regular basis by regional based startups for tasks like web programming and graphics design.


Australia boasts of the largest and deepest talent pool of virtual professionals. Figures are growing with the mobilization of NBN and regional expansion of offices. For the home based virtual professional, having an ADSL2 and a home phone bundle is the ideal startup kit for a productive career right at home. Insourcing too, has helped cut down jobless rates with virtual hiring of local skilled professionals.