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Tips on how to maximize your broadband data allowance plans

Conserving and optimizing our data plan allowance is being a smart consumer, no matter if we are subscribed to the minimum or the highest data plan. In being smart and being informed, we can avoid paying extra for exceeding our data limit. These tips will help you manage your internet data plan.

1. Surfing & Downloading – One of the biggest misconceptions for data usage is the assumption that surfing and downloading are tracked individually by data providers. In truth, your data subscription is being used whether you are just surfing the internet, using social media, streaming videos, downloading content or all at the same time. It would be smart to be objective when we are using the internet. Example is you are to download a high definition movie, while downloading, you surf and connect to your social media. Chances are, you will be depleting your data allowance at a faster rate. So be objective on what you will actually be doing for each internet session. It is the right mentality when conserving data allowance and you are avoiding the possibilities of consuming your data allowance far too quickly than intended; and being charged for every megabytes incurred over the limit.



2. Know the measurements – It is very important to know how your data is being measured and what are the variables for measuring your data plan are. For example, KBps and kbps are regarded by many as one and the same, but they are two different variables.

  • kbps = Kilo Bits per second;
  • KBps = Kilo Bytes per second;
  • 8 bits = 1 bytes => 8kb = 1 KB

It applies to megabytes for mb and MB as well as gigabytes for gb and GB. For example, you have consumed 100,000 of kb data, do not identify it as consuming 100,000 KB. In fact, your usage is lower.ACCC also has useful rates about your data usage that you will find helpful.


3. Set off Automatic Updates / Download Updates – Most software installed on our personal computers have an automatic update function. The software detects automatically if an update is made available by the company who owns it and basing on your default permissions / setting, it will automatically download the update. You can turn on notifications if an update is made available and you will have to be prompted to download it or not.  Common automatic updates are:

  • Windows Updates (If you’re a windows OS user)
  • Adobe products
  • Apple Software / iTunes


4. When not in use, turn off your broadband – It is a common mistake to let your broadband plan run through the night when you are not using it as you are asleep. It will save you a bit of data from updates and data transfer with the likes of Skype and social media applications. 


5. Personal discipline – All these tips will be helpful if we have personal control over our data usage from our data allowance. If you are a download savvy user, make it a point to download only your favorite movie and avoid streaming the TV shows that do not really interest you. When we have nothing more to do with our social media accounts, make sure to log-off as platforms like twitter have a heavy data usage for updating in real time.


The smart consumer, most importantly will select what is the right internet data plan that fits them. Whether you are a the download heavy user, social media multi-tasker or the all business with email and task management, knowing and paying for the right data plan is the smartest decision. Heavy users will not appreciate the most minimum of data usage as they will need more data for consumption. Conservative use will not be ideal for high data allowance plans. If you are not sure whichhigh data allowance plans. If you would like to worry less and avoid costly monthly data allowance plans, Activ8me has a lot of flexible usage and affordable data allowances for NBN Fibre broadband plans available.

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